Friday, June 5, 2015

A little summer fun!

Mom, I'm bored!............

It's summer! We just got started and the little rumbles have started. Yes, we have camps, friends, swimming and more....but still today's kiddo's are used to busy.

So, I decided to give my crew a little break from the boredom.  Have you seen the customized canvas shoes? A friend showed me a beautiful pair of Tom's that she had customized by Sneeker Doodlez ®.

Aren't they amazing?!
If you want a pair for you, mom, then please check out her site!

But, for our little group of pre-teens the agenda for the day was to break the boredom and give my crew something fun to do.... so we ate lunch and headed to Wal Mart. Don't all your amazing fun crafting projects include a trip to Wal Mart? HA! We zoomed over to the shoe isle and found our canvas shoes. My only rule was they had to be under $10. Next stop the marker isle. Yes, we used a multi colored package of Sharpie markers and we grabbed a can of Scotch Guard on our way out for good measure. So for under $30 we had a craft project for 3 and were on our way back to the house.

Now, when you have pre-teens and teens around you have to remember that this generation is very visually stimulated. Especially girls! So who could start with out perusing a few fun and talented images on Pinterest to get the party started? 

Then two and half hours later, a few frozen juice pops, lots of giggles and way too much fun voila!

Um, hello! Shut the front door, how cute are those? Now we have some oh so fashionable girls and I haven't heard I'm bored all day. ;)  Hope your having a great summer. Let me know your thoughts for our little break in summer boredom.

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