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I have a background in design and has assisted with a family house flipping business for 23 years. With that background I have staged many homes for sale, I also specializes in home organization, de-cluttering and shopping your home for the perfect end result. My experience and expertise has also included several residential remodels including small home additions (5000 sq. ft. or smaller) full kitchen, bedroom, and bath remodel projects... these skills can help you to achieve the look for your home you've been dreaming of. Beautiful design that works for today's lifestyles!


Interior Design or Home Remodel: Fees based on size and complexity of the job. Fees are based either on a percentage including expenses or a flat fee.

*Special hourly rates are provided for Event or Holiday decorating.

Personal Furniture Revamp (Custom Furniture Painting or Re-Working) - Price Per Piece 
(Email me a photo and dimensions of your piece along with address and location *Needs to be in the DFW area, and I will assess the piece, come up with color, fabric, etc. Prices vary on size, detail and age of piece.)

Home Staging  - Have a home to sell but not sure where to begin? Let us help you get it show ready!

Home Staging Services are:

  1. A smart and profitable decisions a seller can make.
  2. Can turn your home into a warm and inviting place in the potential buyer’s mind.
  3. Prepares a home for sale by creating a stunning first impression.
  4. Allows prospective buyers see your home’s best potential.
  5. A unique interior redesign service that will enhance the visual appeal of your home and prepare it for it’s new owner’s.
  6. Will help sell your house faster.

We can use you existing furnishings to stay within an economical budget or we can further enhance your home with rental furnishings or new pieces that you can take with you. 

We work with the “flow” of the home, eliminate the clutter and rearrange furniture as needed.  With the aid of a professional organizer, your home will make a great first impression on potential home buyers.

The moment prospective buyers drive up they are met with every detail arranged to appeal to their senses and emotions. The stage is set for them to imagine themselves at home in your home.

Home Staging Services Include:

  1. Clutter elimination throughout the whole house
  2. Prepare items for storage or donation - reducing items moved to new house
  3. Furniture placement and elimination
  4. Artwork/Decorative items placement and rearranging

PRICES: Per request - Initial Consultation

Hourly and Flat rate fees can be worked based on size and detail of job.

Home Organization - Have a cabinet, pantry, arts/craft room that needs help and you don't know where to begin? Send us an email with pictures and room/space dimensions and we will put together a plan for you.

Initial Consultation - $40 - $90 depending on square footage - rates based on min 1 hour of service. 

Home Offices
  1. Develop filing systems that are client friendly
  2. Space plan and organization of the work space
  3. Create a home office that is aesthetically pleasing and flows with the home.

Bedrooms & Closets
  1. Organize all drawers in the furniture, purge old and unused clothing
  2. Sort clothing in closets by season, color and usage

  1. Remove and properly dispose of old medicines and make-up
  2. Organize all drawers and under cabinets

Garages & Storage Areas (Seasonal October through May)
  1. Create an efficient and useful garage
  2. Provide space where cars can actually be parked in garage

  1. Uncluttered drawers, cabinets and pantry to make better use of the kitchen
  2. Add storage accessories if needed

Craft/Hobby Rooms
  1. Improve storage and accessibility of supplies for easier and more fun crafting

Play Rooms
  1. Purge old unused toys for donation
  2. Create a positive and creative children’s environment

Family/Living Rooms
  1. Eliminate old magazines and mail to give a homier appearance

Children’s Rooms
  1. Create a perfect space that is age appropriate for your child

Personal Shopping - Sometimes you just need help and experience finding that vintage or perfect piece for a space. This can be done on my own or a shopping spree together.

$100 - for 2 hour shopping session

Haul Away and/or Estate Sale - Are you faced with a parent or loved ones home or space that needs to be cleared, cleaned and evaluated for sale, disposal and relocation purposes?  Do you have a space that has filled to the brim and you just can't tackle the space on your own? This can be a stressful and challenging time and we are here to help.

We can offer an evaluation of the pieces, help organize and host a sale and/or haul and clear the items for you.

$90 - Initial Consultation

Fee based on size and complexity and size of job.

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