We are a service driven business and our goal is to make our customer happy. We provide quality workmanship and professional experience to each refinished or re-worked piece of furniture. The same holds true to our Interior and Home Organization Services.

Consultations and Rates:

1.  Consultation is Based on 1 hr of service on site
2. Are Variable based on the service needed
3.  Vary by service, size and complexity of job being requested
4. Trip charges may apply depending on distance and location
5. Are negotiable and confirmed in writing


1. Written detailed assessment of service to be provided
2. Comprehensive Plan for service and detailed timeline
3.  Written fee and quote for services to be provided
4. Customer approval and consent 


1. Services must be held and/secured with check or cash. Once a contracted service agreement is reached 25% is initially required. A credit card may be used for all services (a 2% service fee is added to the total costs - charges are billed at contracted intervals.)
2. For complex and longer projects fees will be divided in equal payments based on the timeline of the project and outlined in the Customer Contract.
3. All final fees are due at time of completion or delivery of piece

Session Cancellation: 

1. There is a 25% charge for all personal services cancelled without 24 hours notice. 
2. No charge for cancellation with a 24 hour notice

Reimbursable Expenses:

1. Purchased items for organization will be reimbursed at cost plus taxes applied. Copies of receipts for items will be presented with final billing.
2. All shopping excursions or services are based on a minimum of 1 hour of service. Cancellation policy applies to any cancelled shopping excursions.

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