Monday, April 13, 2015

Amish Dutch Glow Scratch Mender and Wood Butter

I bought it. Yes, I jumped off into the deep end and got suckered by the commercial.

I have two pieces of furniture that I was anxiously awaiting this product for. An antique table that was scratched during a recent move and a table top that developed a crack in the surface due to changes in humidity. Changing humidity often effects your wood furniture and if you are in a dryer climate it will cause the wood to shrink and pull back often causing a speration or cracking in wood pieces.

So far the hype is just that. The scratch mender went on and did hide the scratch immediately, I applied it and then went back some time later and wiped off the excess. It left a very shiny area on the table. But the scratch wasn't noticeable.  Then 4 hours later I walked over to check the table and there was the scratch. Not as noticeable but definitely visible to the naked eye. BUMMER. I then followed the directions for the wood butter to use on the crack. It left a very white stripe where it filled in the space, but I was hopefully that it would fill in the area and dry to match the wood. Twenty-four hours later it had dried and there were a few places that it held most had dried out and left gaps and where the product was still in place it was a cream color. It dried slightly darker but definitely no where close to the color of the stain. So for now I will look for a permanent repair. I would say that Dutch Glow scratch mender and wood butter are not worth the costs of the shipping. There are other products that do a better job with temporary fixes that are less expensive and easier to access.

**Pictures to follow.

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