Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Swiffer/Bissel Steam Mop

UPDATE 8/25/15: Loved the Swiffer Bissel while it lasted. Unfortunately that was only about 3 1/2 months. It just didn't work one day. So bummed. We now have a Shark Steam Mop. It doesn't seem to put out as much steam as my Bissell did, which is surprising but it does clean well and I do love a steam mop. They will rock your world. Six months and going strong with the @SharkSteamMop. 

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Original Post: 12/7/13

I am loving this little Swiffer/Bissel Steam mop! I've been wanting a steam mop and looking at various options and on impulse a few weeks back bought this. Loved that I could get it at the grocery store.

It is very easy to use. Leaves the floor feeling very clean and makes quick work of sticky spills and stubborn dirt. I really like the little light on the front that lights up the shadow areas in the corners.  It will make neat nick's heart go pitter patter and for those who procrastinate and dread cleaning enjoy the task. It's easy and fun to use.

What I would love to see changed in a new model is the water reservoir.  It needs to be bigger! I don't live in a tiny apartment. I'm in a good sized home with tile and wood floors. I use my mops. I also have a family of 6 and several fur babies so sweeping and mopping are a daily task.  I would like to not have to refill for each room and sometimes in the middle of the room.  What do you think Swiffer? Can you and Bissel knock out a design with a bigger water reservoir?  Also would love to have a little more steam. The out put is decent and definitely cleans but having a wider mop surface would allow for more steam and make the job a bit faster.  Just a thought.  However, if nothing changed I would still be happy with this product. It is easy to use, affordable and has a nice length on the cord to ensure ease of use.

Good idea Swiffer/Bissel!

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