Monday, April 7, 2014

Kitchen Make Over!!

It's time.  Life is never going to fully settle when you have all that goes on in our world BUT sometimes you just have to set a date.

That's what we've done.  We are re-doing the 1987 outdated, popcorn ceiling, dark cabinets, beige laminate kitchen! Can you say ba-bye fluorescent lighting? Oh, yeah!

There is nothing more motivating that changing out a tired outdated space in your home for something clean, new and current.  The kitchen is the heart of our home and we promised ourselves to wait a year when we moved in to make any changes and we did!! So the dreaming, the planning, and the desire have built up until everyone in the house is ready to see it come together.

Here is a peak at the before....

The island has all ready been ripped out...I can't wait to show you what we did instead of a standard island in our kitchen space!

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