Monday, December 2, 2013


I recently had the privilege of being hired by a client who had a meticulously maintained home that was ready for some updates!

This home was full of history and memories and a life time of love and the challenge was to honor the memories and family that lived there and give them an updated look to their home that still reflected "their" memories and make room for future ones.

Here's where we started.
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McMillian Home
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The home was a monotone sea of pecan finished wood. The copper tile back splash was all the rage in the 70's and the Tapan oven was top of the line in it's day. The gingerbread moldings were everywhere and lovely with an old fashioned charm. Time marches on and what was oh so fashionable then just left the space looking a little dark and showing her age for today. A face lift was needed!

So, with a lot of discussions of what the home owners loved about their home. The beautiful beams in the ceiling, the swirled texture in the plaster, the lovely wood floors, the flow of the room and the terrific built in's, it was time to address the things that no longer worked for them. The dark enclosed feeling in the space, the appliances that were no longer working at their best, the heavy feeling of the rooms compared to other areas of the home and the reality that no matter how well you maintain sometimes things begin to wear out. This also opened the door to address a few modern ideas.  New built-in pantry shelving to their mud room, a water line run to the refrigerator for an ice maker and sliding shelves added to the cabinet spaces to add to the form and function of the space. 

We still have some things to do...but, I can't wait to share how beautifully she has transformed. Soon there will be new bar stools, window treatments, and a bit of Christmas cheer but I think we're far enough along to show you our progress!

First we had to mess up a little...

Then we needed to do a few field trips. Our favorite was to the granite yard!

So many beautiful choices and we found the perfect choice for this home.

The painting was finally done, the hardwood floors were refinished a richer color to compliment the existing wood tones while still making a statement of their own, the kitchen flooring was ripped out and a new choice was chosen, the granite and new stainless appliances were installed. Now she was ready to be loaded!

Can you say CHA, CHA, CHA, CHANGES?! ;) I can!

With a new furniture layout, lighter walls and cabinetry you can now appreciate all the beautiful furniture and collections in this home. Furniture was moved in a bit to make the seating area inviting. The bookshelves were re-loaded with a mix of books, photos, and collectibles. An update from the dishes and glassware that was there before. The office nook is now showing off without furniture blocking it from view and a few personal accessories added to warm it up and keep it inviting when you need to sit down and pay a bill or two. The China hutch turned out lovely with it's new trim work and crisp white color pallet, the home owners collectibles sparkle and show off to their finest! I love it and loved working on this project. I hope you love it too.  We are doing a restoration to the master bathroom and a face lift to both secondary bathrooms that I will share soon.

While working with this home the goals were keeping the best of the character and charm, while brightening up the space. Adding some beautiful updates expected in today's homes and improving the function for the home owners needs. All combined to make a warm and inviting space.

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