Monday, July 15, 2013

New Store!

My daughter, Jen, and I opened an Etsy store today. It's something we've talked about doing and decided to jump in with both feet. Lesson one - I have to take more time with photos! My first images were done with my little Cannon Power shot for quick & easy access but I set it for web size images and everything is a bit blurry. I will be playing around with that. Any tips are welcome. ;) I am used to using my Nikon and shooting outdoors. It is different doing pictures of close up smaller items.

Our store will have re-purposed and re-cycled items that include floral arrangements and accessories for your home. We are also working on several furniture pieces to sell locally in the DFW Texas area. My daughters live there and I will be traveling to help work on the pieces and market them.

This is a wonderful opportunity to do something we love and to spend more time together.

The designs are styles that work with today's casual and comfortable lifestyle. Our furniture will be painted with custom paints and designs and have that casual feel for everyday living.  Yes, I know this a trend that is everywhere in blog land so hopefully there is room for one more.

Since I also do home staging and small interior remodels we will be offering this type of service in addition to our home accessories and furniture. So feel free to contact us and ask questions at anytime!

Happy shopping!
Texas Re-Vamped


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