Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paying it forward. Dream builder. Mentor.

These are terms you hear often. How often do you incorporate them in your life?  Four times a year I enjoy doing a week long personal event I call Random Acts of Kindness. I pay for someone's Starbucks or an oil change, etc. It is anonymous and no credit is given or expected but it truly boosts my spirits and moral because I am lifting someone else up and giving them a chance to look at their day or life through that small gift.

There is a reason God teaches us to give and to look outside ourselves. Those small moments when you teach a child to read, or you help someone with a flat may be the moment in that persons life that opens the door to fully see who they are or what they can be. It may be the moment they learn how to live differently and give back to others.

Yes, your life may be happy. Yes, you may have a good life but until you give back or reach outside your own boundaries to teach, give or uplift someone else you can't see the full benefits God has available for your own life.

A few days ago, I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness.  I had been working on our yard work and depend on my son to help me keep this acre+ lot looking great. However, he and his sister were sick and my life seemed to be snow balling with to do's. A sweet neighbor was talking to me on the phone & listened to what was going on.  She said I will be there in 10 minutes with my weed eater! I said you don't have to do that. She was in my yard 10 minutes later edging my yard!! This sweet neighbor and friend uplifted me when life was a little too full. She gave my heart a huge smile and the energy to work with her to complete the task at hand.  It's wonderful to see God's amazing Grace at work. It's also so rewarding to see how he provides.

So this week when you are busy with your daily routine and own busy life don't forget to take a few moments to look for ways that you can be an instrument to  enrich the lives of others.


Vickie Avara said...

Reminds me of when we would do John's yard! Thanks for this - I will pay it forward, sometime this week. Love, Vickie

Randomly TJ said...

I loved working on his yard with you! :) Great memory.