Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean it up and clear it out!

Decluttering a home, work space, or storage area can be liberating.  In today's society of hurry, hurry, hurry and gadgets being outdated as soon as you buy them we tend to gather a lot of things.  Putting them in a closet, box, drawer, or storage area are easy solutions.  But as those things creep into our world and take over our space they also weigh down our minds and add unseen stress to our lives. You can start to make a difference today!

Pick an area - start with just one. Then evaluate the space and what you need it for. Then start one piece at a time and evaluate if the item is still current, in good repair, or useful. Then make 3 piles, keep, donate, trash, with the goal to decrease the clutter by 1/4. After you decrease the pile by 1/4 go through the remaining keep pile with a mind set to decrease it by another 10%.  You will be amazed at how much you can truly let go of if you look at it objectively.

I always encourage clients to start with the proverbial junk drawer. It's a quick, easy clear out that will give you a sense of accomplishment.  The right motivation to move on to a bigger project!

Once you gain control of your clutter you will feel energized and stress free! Make this the year that you will take control of your spaces. Find more room in your home, make use of the items you have and let go of the ones you no longer need. 

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