Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter wind down...

Things you can do now to get a jump on Spring. 

1. Start prepping your planting beds.  Pull any early or dead weeds, turn the earth and add some organic planting mix.

2. Orders seeds! Seeds are a great cost effective way to have a flower bed full of color and the envy of the neighborhood.  Home centers have seeds now but a lot of heirloom seeds and old fashion favorites can only be found at seed catalogues.

3. Make a list of things you would like to see accomplished in your outdoor spaces.

4. Check stored cushions for mildew or damage to assess needs for the coming season.

5. Plants that have been indoors for over wintering can use a little extra water and a feeding in prep for moving outdoors.

1. Clean window seals , ceiling corners, and the bottoms of tables and furniture of cobwebs. These are all areas that spiders like to nest and lay cut down on household spiders now!

2. Start evaluating what things to pack away that give your home that cozy wintry look and assess your belongings to update throws, pillows & accessories for a fresh up to date look for Spring.

3. Starting mid March in our area you can start cleaning extra blankets and beddings and store in plastic bags for safe keeping for next winter.

4. Gather and clean all the hats, scarfs, and snow clothes for summer storage. 

5. Pick up cedar balls for use when storing linens and clothing.

6. Start looking at your favorite catalogues for this seasons colors so you can find inspiration for an item or two to add that special punch to your space!

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