Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shout out! Lowes @Chalk Hill

I have done several home remodels. I've also done several flips. I've done them through small companies, local companies, big box you name it. I've done it. The past 3 flips and 3 home remodels it was decided that I'd focus on one stop shop. Using my local Lowes. My current Lowes is in West Dallas at Chalk Hill. They have proven to be a great resource.

Doing a remodel for a home you are going to live in takes time and you often want a more custom look to your remodel. For this we've used several resources through Lowes that meant Special Orders. Yes, your Lowes can do that. Don't see a 6 light Chandelier? Speak to your Lowes specialist. Not finding that particular range you've been dreaming of? Speak to the Appliance manager. Work with a Pro-Services representative if your unsure of where to begin. We knew this would be a full remodel since we were taking the interior of the home back to the studs, moving walls as we changed the floor plan for todays lifestyle and relocating a few doors and windows.  The team at Lowes did not let us down by helping us order enough lumber for new framing, sheetrock for new walls, green board for wet areas, and the thousands of nails we've used. Yes, there is often way more to a remodel or in this case re-build!

I am not sponsored or paid to give this opinion. I simply wanted to give credit where credit is due! From the managers down to the paint specialists I've been helped with the professionalism that you would find at many designer show rooms. They've shown me the best way to save, the best options for my needs and helped me find the look for my desired goals.  Thank you, Lowes!

By the way, can not wait to show you some of our finished spaces! Keep checking in and thank you so much for following and sharing this journey!


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