Saturday, March 26, 2016

Going home!

I've thought about this topic a lot and been asked about it often in the past few months. Can you ever really go home again?

Yes, yes, you can.  I also believe that your home is wherever you make it and shared with those you love and hold dear. 

I've been lucky enough to come full circle so to speak. I've bought the house I grew up in. My parents purchased the home in 1968 when my twin brother and I were two. It was a big step and dream for these young parents of twins.  It was also the place I called home and imagined I would always live. Or at least that my parents would and I would come to visit.  I would imagine all of us feel this way when we are growing up.  I only knew a handful of people that ever moved when I was growing up.  Back then people bought their home and settled in. It is where they lived, loved, raised their families, fought, cried and just experienced all that life threw at you.  The walls were strong, safe and embraced each member of the family at the end of the day.

My parents sold our house in 1986.  They moved to a bigger and newer house. They created a new home as empty nesters a term that wasn't yet in vogue. They were excited and giddy as they handed me my new "house" key. I was perplexed and bewildered! How on earth could they sell our home?! I mean that was home, how do you sell that?  HAHA! I was young, just finished my first year of college and I got a call from my parents that they had a place for me to put my belongings in storage. Well, the joke was on me.  House sold and new house was all ready set up with our belongings. I must have looked like I was going to faint because my momma took my arm and said, "It's okay, honey. Your going to love this house!" I'm not sure I loved it but I was so happy for them.  It was hard not to embrace their excitement of something newer, bigger and different.   They also opened the door to the idea that people do move. Um, now that I've moved 13 times, I'm not sure a family home is even in my wheel house.  That was until our dear friends who have bought our house and moved into it in 1986 and raised their family and lived their lives there decided to move.  They are now embracing their dreams as empty nesters and headed to the family ranch!

It was one of those meant to be moments. Everything fell into place so smoothly.  Doors literally opened on both sides to make this transition come to reality.  It was very surreal to find that I was able to walk into the doors that I grew up in and suddenly know I was home.

 Here are a few pictures from the days I spent at this house growing up. I am excited to share my remodel and other memories along the way.

Easter at our house '69

Back to school Our house!

High School Graduation pics with Grandpa at our House
High School Days

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