Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's cooking?

Well, it won't be me for the next 2 weeks! That is the timeline I am setting for painting, painting, painting. It is the start of our kitchen make-over. After a delay and a ton of summer fun things are ready to get started.

I received the new legs for the farm table...can not wait to see the transformation of this much used and loved piece turn into our kitchen island/dining table! I could not part with this table that is perfect for our large and noisy family but I didn't like it in our dining room and it swallowed up the space. It didn't fit in our kitchen with the island. There are struggles when you choose to downsize your home and you have pieces you loved that were a perfect fit in a larger home. This is that moment for we pulled out the kitchen island and drew up plans to transform the table to work in our space.

Bye-bye went the old off centered tiny island! YAY.

We're ditching the popcorn ceiling, have taken down the pot rack and are having the lighting re-worked to start.

The cabinets are going a bright and clean white. Counter tops are being chosen. After several days of research and interviewing different paint manufacturers I have taken a break from my tried and true Sherwin Williams and will be using Behr Premium Plus Ultra for my cabinets. I will let you know how it turns out. Exciting times are happening! What's cooking this week for you?

**A little bummed that my HomeRight Paint Sprayer never showed up. The company said they were sending me one to test and review....but it didn't show. I am now reviewing paint sprayers and will be purchasing one for this project. I will let you know which one I choose and review how well it worked.

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