Thursday, May 9, 2013

Proud mom moment!

So, I whined about my yucky yard project that I was not thrilled about BUT is turning into a really fun project.

Today, I want to share a proud mom moment. Have I told you that I have the most amazing kids? Um, I'm SURE you've never heard that before. (cough, cough) Seriously, it's true. (huge grin)

20 something patio! ©Getting Inspired With Teresa Stephens Harvey

Well, at least they have their moments and this week my two oldest let those moments shine! With some help from their sweet and awesome Aunt and a BFF that has earned her title these ladies have juggled work, college exams, job searches, and day to day life while laying sod, cleaning and clearing out the dregs of winter AND taking their little tired inherited hand me down patio set and transforming it to something hip, happening and FUN!

I know, I know, SHUT UP all ready. (still grinning)

20 Something Patio! ©Getting Instpired With Teresa Stephens Harvey
20 Something Patio! ©Getting Instpired With Teresa Stephens Harvey

With a little sanding, elbow grease and the magic of paint they have a great new space for outdoor living. Oh, and how can I forget to mention the PERFECT cushion find that a little trip to World Market provided and there you have it. Fun, right? Now that's a mother's day gift ladies!  Seeing all those moments cuddling in bed reading bedtime stories,  nagging mom moments to do your home work, clean your room, worries, and sleepless nights pay off with an AH HA moment. The fruits of your labor paying off. I love you girly girl 1 & 2!


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Yay for talented children and good momma's! #GoodKids #Outdoor #Design #AlFresco