Friday, October 8, 2010

When things turn out RIGHT.

I met a young energetic family a little over a year ago.  Stylish, good looking couple that were raising 3 adorable little boys.  Just another day right?

Until you realize that this family has a child with special needs.  Cystic Fibrosis.  He's their middle son and he is wheel chair bound. Tyler is his name & he's an adorable dark haired little boy with a precocious grin.  They wheeled him into our yard that first day where we are having a neighborhood meet & greet.  The tight little group quickly maneuvers him to see the bounce house and then over to the patio to enjoy a drink.  Tyler's brothers stop to meet the various kids that are around the yard and slowly bring them over a few at a time to introduce their brother.  Mom & Dad take turns caring for their son while keeping up with the other two boys and steadily talking to the adults in the group.  They never miss a beat.  This is just another day in their life.

This young family realizes their son is disabled but they treat him with the love, care and respect, you would find towards any child.  They don't hide him or exclude him. They don't show bitterness or resentment.

It was a terrific day and I loved getting to see this families sweet spirit.

As the time has gone by we have been blessed to see this family in full swing. They have more energy than I can imagine.  The mom is a marathon runner and advocate for health and fitness, the dad owns his own business that often takes him away from home. However, that does not stop him from coming in and picking up or from being dead tired and still smiling and loading up the crew for one of their beloved hockey games or sitting along side his beautiful wife while watching a 4th grade program sing helplessly off key.

These are the times you see God's grace truly at work.  You know that with faith, love and optimism that you can live the American dream.

This family honors their young handicapped son by participating in the annual White Rock Marathon and donations to Scottish Rite...if you ever want to help support a worth cause donated to their fund raiser. A fund raiser that supports many disabled children.

Learn more about this wonderful young man who will touch your heart and this family that will inspire you...

Run 4 Tyler!

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