Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is in the air!

I just love those first signs of winter fading & spring coming. What you can do around your home right now:

1. Cut back your roses and give them a sprinkle of rose food & blood meal.  They will reward you with happy healthy blooms in the weeks to come.

2. Keep a sharp eye for those pesky new weeds in your flower beds.  Pluck them quickly before they can spread seeds. Weeds are a gardens biggest struggle but getting a jump start on the battle will help provide a beautiful and easy to maintain spring & summer garden.

3. Check your sprinkler system.  Making adjustments to schedules, repairs and testing the heads for any blockage will get your system off to a good start and keep your lawns & gardens evenly watered.

4. Repair, replace, or add outdoor lighting.  What a great time to replace those burned out bulbs, replace broken fixtures or add some new lighting to make your outdoor space more enjoyable.  The coming weeks will provide a perfect backdrop for outdoor living.

5. Take advantage of the rain.  Watch the weather schedule and take advantage of Mother Nature's water and turn your sprinklers off & set out your house plants to enjoy the fresh air & get a deep watering.

6. Set out new plants.  In Texas we have a chance of a late freeze until early April.  However, it's a great time to set out bushes, trees, and any mature plants.  Just watch for any freeze warnings to cover the plants for the evening.  The spring rains & cooler temperature's will allow the plants to take root and adjust to their new environment before the summer heat sets in.

7. Clean & tidy.  Give your outside windows a good wash.  Power wash your decks and walkways. Check your outdoor furniture for any needed repairs, rust removal or needs for fresh paint. If you have a pool now is the time to start giving it a good brush down and lengthening the cleaning schedule.  Check your chemical balance & make any necessary adjustments. Give all the pool towels a fresh wash and set them in a closed weather proof container for easy access.  Adding a small box of baking soda & a bag of damp rid will keep them ready to use!  Getting a jump start on a fresh clean start will reward you on those impromptu get together's on the patio.

8. Prepare the vegetable garden.  Now is a great time to turn the vegetable garden, add compost, clear any weeds, and prepare the beds for lettuce, herbs & squash.  Great cool weather plants to get your outdoor kitchen garden started!

9. Take inventory.  Check your outdoor toys.  Get rid of any broken or damaged toys and make a list of what your family might need to keep this spring & summer's outdoor time active & fun.  Remember to plan storage for your outdoor toys.  Having clutter and debris spread all over your yard isn't comfortable or enjoyable for anyone.  Your outdoor space should be a reflection and extension of your home.

10. Add a soft touch.  Having a few throw pillows, natural fabric throws or small blankets, will add comfort and personality to your outdoor living area.

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