Sunday, January 17, 2010

So much excitement about garbage!!!

OK, I haven't forotten my kids room is in the works! However, I have been so excited about our new home and yard that I have started dabbling in a long time interest.  Gardening.  I have had gardens before with pretty flowers and a few great hebs with a few tomatoes and peppers thrown in for a nice variety of a low key pretty garden. 

But, now I have 1 1/3 acre of land to play with so I have read & am re-reading the book lasagna gardening and I just purchased a composter used from a family memeber that was letting it collect dust. I can't wait.  I have been hording my garbage (food scraps) for the past few months and the kids are glad those ominious plastic containers are leaving our kitchen. We are hoping to start with one large raised bed this spring and add as we go.  I have outlined and studied several Italian garden plans and it seems to fit with what I have in mind.  Now I am pouring through seed catalogues in hopes that we will have healthy organic produce this summer to enjoy & share. 

So, have you started a garden from scratch?  What are a few tips you would like to share? 

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