Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Year....look for the savings!

Wow, it's 2010! Time for reflection and evaluation. It's a great time to look towards your home and see where you can save! The economy continues to be tight and every little bit makes a difference.

If you have not taken the time to visit your local county tax office to homestead your house this is the time to do it! A few minutes of your time can give you a return savings that is offered to Texas residents for claiming their primary residence as their homestead. Continuing with that thought while you are there ask where the county appraisal office is and check your home appraised value. This is what the county uses to assess your taxes. These rates are often inflated values and if left uncontested they will stay at a high rate. If your home value is higher than area homes in your neighborhood are selling for ask for a form to contest the rate. This may take a little follow up but it is worth the savings!

Other home savings can be found in further efforts to stop those heating & cooling leaks!! Energy bills are at all time highs. Check the door seals, install insulation in the outlet covers for all outside walls, check your insulation levels in the attic, replace ordinary roof vents with turbine vents, make sure the roofline air flow soffits are not blocked. Consider installing storm doors. Keep those receipts for all energy updates, the government is allowing many tax breaks for improvements that create better energy effiecency and greener living. That is a double savings and worth it in my book!

Next check those insurance rates.  You may have found the best quote when originally shopping but rates can change over time and sometimes a few phone calls can reveal big savings on your insurance without sacrificing on the coverage. 

What cost savings have you found worth it?

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