Monday, October 19, 2009

Loving this Fall weather!

Beautiful weather the past few days!  Don't forget to take some time to look at your yard...this is the time to assess what is dying out from summer and go ahead and trim it back or pull it.  Plant those bulbs for Spring & start putting in ornamental cabbage, mums, cyclamen & pansies to give you a pretty bed that will last through the winter. (At least in the DFW Metroplex area.. :))  Giving your shrubs a good trim now will give you a neat look that will last you until the new spring growth starts to occur. 

Plan now for that lush spring lawn.  Give the yard a good dusting of Weed & Feed and then in a few weeks a final coverage with pre-emergance.  It will help get ahead of those weeds before the spring rains!

Inside take a look around and take a little time to swap out summer pillows, window panels & add the extra blanket to your bed and add a nice throw to your favorite reading chair or corner of the couch.  Look for ways to add a touch of seasonal color to each room.  This will  give the inside of your home that texture and comfort that will chase the chills away!

Happy Fall everyone!

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